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Why get your factory scheduled services done?

Factory scheduled maintenance services like your 30/60/90k services are important to keep your car investment safe. With the high cost of today's cars you can’t afford to miss out on these services. Something as simple as tire pressure or fluids that wear out and become thicker can be costly on your gas mileage as well as the environment. We have all the factory scheduled maintenance requirements that the dealers have in our database so we can keep your car in top shape and keep your manufacturer’s warranty in effect. Fluids and filters are designed by car manufacturers to wear out at predetermined times. The auto manufacturers factory scheduled maintenance reminders often say check many maintenance items and at certain miles and replace other maintenance items. These factory recommendations are because they know exactly how long they designed the filters and fluids to last. Here at Drake Auto of Sterling, Aldie and Ashburn. Va we use fluids and filters that meet and in many cases exceed manufacturer's specifications. Give us a call for a best price quote on your factory scheduled maintenance. We can perform factory scheduled maintenance on a same day or while you wait basis.

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