Why get your AC service done?

Having your car’s air conditioner serviced is vital in our harsh Virginia summers. Here at Drake Auto we have the latest state of the art automotive air conditioning diagnostic, leak detection and recharge equipment necessary to perform proper automotive air conditioning system diagnosis and repair. It is important to keep your cars A/C system functioning properly. Did you know all modern cars use the A/C system all year long.

Any time the defrosters are on your automotive air conditioning system is also used as a dehumidifier in the winter. This is an important safety factor as well so you can quickly defrost your windshield in the winter. We use a state of the art leak detection system that can test your car’s air conditioning system down to the most minor leaks.

If you have a system that leaks very slowly we can also install a product called A/C dye that goes into the air conditioning system and then if the freon leaks out it will pull the dye with it and we can find the leak trail with a uv light since the dye is uv sensitive. YOur car’s air conditioning system consists of parts called A/C compressor, hoses, evaporator, receiver/dryer, orifice tube/ expansion valve and condenser. Any of these components can cause an A/C system leak or poor performance.

Most modern air conditioning systems should blow at least 30 degrees colder than the outside air. There is also a new style of freon used in modern cars. It is called 12343YF. Chevrolet has been using 1234YF freon in some vehicles since 2014. There are many hybrid vehicles using the new style 1234YF as well. The 1234YF freon is much more environmentally friendly but that comes at a great cost. The 1234YF freon is much more expensive and the system takes longer to fill with the EPA requirements on the new freon service procedures.

Here at Drake Auto in Sterling, VA we have one of these new style 1234YF freon service machines. Many body shops and customers come to us for this service because it is much more cost effective compared to going the a dealer for the A/C service. If you are having A/C troubles with a new or old system look no further. Give us a call now. We are happy to service your A/C system at our convenient location in Sterling right next to Ashburn, Va.

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