Automotive fluids are one of the most important items to keep up with but are often the most neglected. Fluid services can range from antifreeze/coolant flushes to transmission flush and axle/differential flushes. Other vital auto fluid changes would include, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transfer case fluid( 4 wheel drive fluid). All these fluids are designed to wear out at a certain mileage from the manufacturer.

We have access to maintenance schedules for all major makes and models so we can recommend fluid changes at the proper time. If you are not sure when the last time you had a fluid serviced that is no problem. We have access to CarFax maintenance reports so we can see what has been done in the past. We keep maintenance records for all vehicles we service as well so you can have access to that data with a simple phone call or email.

Drake Auto repair servers Sterling, Ashburn and surrounding areas. Stop by our shop in Sterling, Va near the Dulles airport or give us a call for your next fluid change service. If you would like to learn more about automotive fluids feel free to look around our web site or stop by for a chat.

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