Cooling system Service in STERLING, VA

Why have your car’s cooling system serviced?

There are many reasons that coolant needs to be checked and changed at regular service intervals. Your cars cooling system has many functions. The main one is of course to remove heat from the engine. A clogged cooling system can cause an overheat that could lead to costly engine repairs or even engine replacement.

Most engine manufacturers require checking the coolant freeze level at least once a year or at each factory recommended service. Another function of antifreeze is actually anti boil as well. Today's modern cars run at a higher temperature than cars in past years. We used to see thermostats open at around 180 degrees. Now to help with reducing automotive emissions coolant is pushed to temperatures around 210 to 220 degrees.

Since water boils at 212 degrees then why is the coolant not boiling? Yes antifreeze/anti boil combined with the pressure of the cooling system raise the boiling point of water to over 300 degrees. Here at Drake Auto located in Sterling, VA we use a tool called a Refractometer to measure you coolants antifreeze and anti boil resistance.

Your car’s cooling system also has a water pump that circulates the coolant and a thermostat to control the temperature.If left un serviced automotive coolant can change the PH value of the antifreeze which will cause an acidic situation causing currossion and rotting hoses. Most coolant needs to be changed every 2 years or 24k miles.

There are various belts and hoses that need to be checked regularly to keep your car on the road and help avoid unexpected visits to... Well yes to Drake Auto in Sterling, VA. We will check your belts and hoses each time you come in for a service so you can stay ahead of costly breakdowns. Stop by or call Drake Auto for your cooling system flush or cooling system repairs and receive the best quality and price in town.

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