Engine Repair in STERLING, VA

Why Rebuild or Replace Your Engine.

If your car needs a replacement engine look no further. Here at Drake Auto we are a local shop that specializes in replacing your cars engine. First you need to decide if you should sell your car or replace your engine. This process starts with the value of the car. An easy way to tell a car's value is to go to Kelly blue book.com. Here you can find out what the retail and wholesale value is. You must also consider what you have invested in your current car.

If you still have a loan out on your car you may not have any other option than to replace your engine. Other considerations can include your current investment in things like, did you just get new tires, new brakes, new engine parts like, power steering pump, alternator, air conditioner etc. We have replaced many engines where the customers have an emotional attachment to the car as well. When buying a new car county taxes go up as well as car payments and insurance increase. These things all need to be taken in consideration as well.

If your car is paid for this is the sweet spot for saving money on vehicle expenses. The more years you get payment free is just money in your pocket. The days of cars lasting only 100k miles are long gone. Most cars these days last well over 200k miles and some I work on are as old as 300k miles. We have seen engines that need to be replaced as early as 80 miles and recently put an engine in a 2004 car with 150k miles on it because the customer said I just love this old car and don’t want to give it up.

As always we test drive the car to verify it is a good investment and them proceeded with a used engine replacement. Another consideration is a new engine, a remanufactured engine or a used engine for replacement. New engines are often not cost effective and coupled with the fact that most cars needing an engine replacement are getting further along in the vehicles life expectancy a remanufactured engine with a 100k mile warranty may be a better choice.

The next level would be to get a used engine. These used engines come out of cars that were often in an accident but the mechanical parts are still in great shape. The most frequent engine replacements we do are used engines. This can often be half the cost or less of a new engine. With a used engine we can verify the actual mileage since a VIN number must be included in the engine sale. We have access to Carfax maintenance reports and can see the services done on that VIN number car and verify the mileage. Used engines also come with a warranty.

With a used engine you can also choose your warranty time. All used engines come automatically with a 90 day parts only warranty. You can upgrade to a one year parts and labor warranty and all the way up to a lifetime parts and labor warranty. The process starts with a phone call to Drake Auto. If the car needs to be towed we can set that up for you and if the car runs you can bring it by for a free evaluation and we will give you a good honest opinion whether it is worth your investment or if it’s time to put it out of its misery.

If you are considering breathing new life into your used car give us a call here at Drake Auto for a free quote. We are located in Sterling, VA near the Dulles airport and we serve Sterling, Ashburn, Aldie, South riding and all the surrounding areas of Northern Virginia.

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