Filter Service ​in STERLING, VA

Why have your car’s filters serviced?

Your car’s filter’s are a vital part of performance and gas mileage. A clogged air filter can cause a loss of up to 2 mpg. All air filters are not created equal. We only use top quality air filters that meet or exceed manufacturers specifications. Some cheaper quality air filters are made with inferior materials and even when new can cause extra resistance on air flow to your engine causing the same effect as a clogged dirty air filter.

Your car also has other filters like the cabin air filter. This cabin air filter is used to filter outside air that comes out the air conditioning vents and heater vents. Cabin air filters also come in a variety that has active charcoal in the filter material. That can help with allergies, pollen and diesel smoke smells. When not changed at proper intervals the cabin air filter can accumulate mold and bacteria which can have a unhealthy effect on your body.

If you have a mold smell in your car we have a system to treats the mold that may be growing in your car's heater and air conditioning vents. We will recommend at least checking, or replacing your car’s cabin air filter at once a year and more often in dusty or humid environments like we have here in our Sterling, Ashburn and Leesburg Virginia area. Another automotive filter is the fuel filter. It is rare to have a plugged fuel filter these days.

Fuel is filtered very heavily at the pump and many cars have a fuel filter built into the tank so it would not be cost effective to replace. It would be just like replacing the fuel pump. Filters are part of all manufacturers service recommendations. We will check your car’s filters on all factory services. If you need a filter serviced or even just checked feel free to call us of stop by at Drake Auto of Sterling, VA servicing Sterling, Ashburn, Aldie, South Riding, Leesburg and all surrounding Northern Virginia areas.

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