Why change your oil and filter?

Here at Drake Auto in Sterling, VA we only use API certified engine oil that meets or exceeds engine manufacturers quality requirements. Most engine oil is only designed to last between 3k to 5k miles. When neglected costly engine repairs are likely. Regular oil and filter changes can of course be one of the easiest things that stand between a long engine life and premature costly engine repairs. In our modern automobiles regular oil changes are even more important than in the past. In an effort to improve gas mileage many manufacturers have, in plain terms, made the oil thinner.

This thin oil really does help with gas mileage but as the oil wears out it doesn’t have any room to get thinner because it is already so thin. We technically call it oil viscosity. We used to use oils like 10w30 and 10w40. Now oils can be as thin as 5w20 and we have even in recent years progressed to 0w20. Yes thats Zero weight oil. If that sound thin it’s because it is. It pours out of the jug like water. Due to the tight engine tolerances to also improve gas mileage the older thicker engine oil is too thick to fit between the engine components so we must use the manufacturer’s recommended thin engine oil. You can now understand why these regular oil changes are so important. Oil filters are also an important part of any oil change.

Most filters are only designed to last as long as the oil. Here at Drake Auto we use long life oil filters that also meet manufacturer's specifications to ensure a long healthy engine life for you vehicle and to keep all your manufacturer warranties in effect. All oil changes include a free 14 point safety inspection including checking, air filter, belts, hose, brakes, tires, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, washer fluid, ball joints, tie rods, control arms and more.

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