Steering / Suspension in STERLING, VA

Why have your car’s suspension serviced?

Your car’s steering and suspension system work together to make your car handle smooth and safely. Having a proper wheel alignment has many positive effects on your vehicle. When the wheels are aligned properly your tires will last longer and your gas mileage will increase. Your car’s suspension is like the skeletal system of your car’s wheel alignment. You have parts called control arms that have rubber bushings, and tie rods that work to steer the car.

This would be like legs, knees and elbows. Your car has shock absorbers and struts as well. Shock absorbers and struts usually wear out by 100k miles. The worn shocks and struts happen very slowly over the 100k miles so it is barely noticeable since you drive the car every day you become accustomed to the change. When we do a factory service or oil change we look for leaks on the shocks and struts but leaks are not the only sign of worn suspension parts. Slow response to the steering wheel turning or excessive bouncing can be noticed as well.

By the time your car is getting these noticeable conditions you have already been driving with an unsafe condition for some amount of time. There are also springs, like the spring on a pogo stick, that hold the car up. When these parts get worn. Usually around 100k miles they get loose. This causes the car’s alignment to be off leading to unsafe handling. Unlike your cars brake system which has an emergency brake on it. The steering and suspension system are single links which if go unchecked could come loose and cause a dangerous situation.

When we say something simple like at each oil change or factory service we do a 20 point inspection usually no one really knows what that is. Here at Drake Auto of Sterling, VA we take your safety seriously and check suspension items like ball joint, control arm bushings and tie rods on each oil change and factory service. Let Drake Auto of Sterling, Ashburn and Northern Virginia be your shock , strut and suspension replacement specialist.

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