Tire Installation by Drake Auto

Tire installation has evolved over the years like everything else on your car. Low profile tire and run flat tires have become more popular in recent years making installation much more complicated. Most tire shops have an industry standard tire installation machine. It comes with a spinning motor and some pry bars which together lets the technician force the tire onto the rim.

Low profile and run flat tires make most of these tire installation machines all but obsolete. The sides of these tires are so stiff most shops can not even install them. They just seek out a tire shop like ours that have a touchless tire installation system., At Drake Auto we have invested in a new technology from Hunter engineering call the touchless tire install.

We have a new generation of tire machine that does not come with pry bars. It is called the Hunter Revolution tire changer. We simply put the tire on the machine, set the diameter and the machine does the rest. With this process we can confidently install even the hardest run flat tires or very low profile tires with ease. Complemented with our Hunter Road Force tire balancer this makes for a perfect match of tire and rim to give you the best ride and longest tire life possible.

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