Transmission flush in STERLING, VA

Why get your transmission flushed?

Transmission flush is a process where we use a machine to change the fluid in your car’s transmission. There are a few things to consider in changing your car’s transmission fluid. We used to just remove the transmission pad and drain out the fluid and then change the transmission filter. The transmission filter is not a fine filter like your car’s oil filter. It is actually more like a screen. An automatic transmission should have nothing in it to be filtered out.

If the filter is full of particles they would be from the transmission coming apart inside. Often we say my car is slipping in one or more gears. I should get my transmission fluid changed. Although this is a good idea to do before replacing your transmission it rarely works because by the time it starts slipping the damage is already done.

Sometimes the new fluid and filter will help put off the inevitable transmission repair but changing fluid and a filter will not replace the metal or automatic transmission clutch material that has been damaged. There are also a few different kinds of transmission fluid available. Fluid viscosity means thickness. In an effort to increase gas mileage transmission fluid has become thinner over the years. There are also two major kinds of automatic transmissions.

The main difference being one style is called CVT. This transmission style does not have gears as we know them in the older style automatic transmission. They have constant variable cones that are more efficient again with gas mileage but do require a special kind of fluid. It is very important to use the proper fluid. Of course they make the specialized CVT transmission fluid more expensive. Another factor in changing automatic transmission fluid is that only half the fluid is in the transmission oil pan. Half of the fluid is in the torque converter as well.

This is why your fluid needs to be changed with a machine like we have at Drake Auto that will do the transmission fluid flush while the car is running so all the fluid circulates while doing the flush so you get a complete fluid change. Call now for a quote on your transmission flush.

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