Transmission Repair in STERLING, VA

Replacing your car’s automatic transmission can become a very costly adventure. Sometimes this can cost as much or in some cases more than replacing the engine. Transmissions can be rebuilt or replaced with used. In some cases transmissions can be repaired as well. The internal tolerances of modern automatic transmissions are very tight. This creates a situation where even the smallest debris can damage internal parts.

This is why we recommend doing a thorough checkout before deciding whether to repair or replace your transmission. Here at Drake Auto we can accurately diagnose your transmission and help you decide the best course of action. There is also an item in the transmission called a torque converter. This part is what allows an automatic transmission to be able to sit at a red light with the brakes on.

It allows the fluid to slip by so the car doesn’t stall like a stick shift would if you didn't push in the clutch when stopping. When doing a transmission repair the torque converter can have contaminants in it as well so we would recommend replacing the torque converter on any major transmission repair. There is also a decision whether to rebuild your current transmission or replace your car's transmission with used.

Often by the time your transmission starts to fail the car is getting older and we would need to evaluate the cost of a replacement transmission against the cars value. This is where a used transmission comes into play. The used transmission would come with a warranty and also would come with a torque converter as well. We would also want to flush out the transmission cooler. This is actually part of your car’s radiator that is used for cooling the transmission fluid.

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