Tune-up at Drake Auto in STERLING, VA

What do we mean by tune-up?

Tune-up is a phrase we used in the past because cars were designed with different parts than modern cars. There were parts call points, condenser, cap and rotor that would wear and cause the car to actually go out of tune. By tune we mean how it runs. Modern cars have electronic ignition and almost all the items we replaced in a tune up are gone.

We now call a tune up a factory service. That is just the regular factory scheduled maintenance routine that happens about every 30k miles with most manufacturers. There are some things we do that still fall under the name of a tune-up. That is mostly running cleaners through the engine and fuel system occasionally to keep up with engine and fuel deposits.

This service is done about every 30k miles and the product we use is called a BG upper induction flush. The BG upper induction flush is a product we spray into the intake while the engine is running. This service sprays cleaner into the intake for about 20 minutes so it is quite a thorough service.

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